Thank you to all the people who have supported us through the years. We wanted to let you all know that we will not be playing live as a band going forward but rather taking time to work on other projects. The good news is that we have just finished recording our last album and this will be available for download soon. You will be able to get details of this and our individual projects here. It's been a blues blast! 



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The Robin Robertson Blues Band: Rrbb

Praise for RRBB:


Blues Blast Magazine - 15th June 2014


"...Annette’s yearning vocal on “Dust In the Wind” displays her lovely vocal range. Electric piano and organ nicely frame the song. The mysteriously funky atmosphere perfectly suits “Long Time Dead” with it’s sinewy organ and snaky guitar. Beautifully distorted guitar burns through “My Baby’s Gone”, a sweltering slow burner. Dot Allan’s piano is a highlight behind Annette’s swaggering, hard as nails vocal on “Look Who’s Talkin’”...".this is a thoroughly enjoyable record.....I will be curious to see how this outfit progresses into the future. "

Greg "Bluesdog"Szalony (Blues Blast Magazine - USA)


"The album, with ten tracks on offer is very easy listening, ably played and the production means the end product is very crisp and clear, an album I enjoyed throughout".

Merv Osborne (Blues Matters Magazine - UK)


" [They] had the late night crowd rocking on a great late night club finale to a hugely enjoyable 3 day festival."

Pete Feenstra-

(Review of Great British Rock & Blues Festival on


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